The following changes are temporary

adjustments to ensure a safe enviroment.

PCC SACC Parents

In this time of many disruptions, our team will do its best to support your family. As we do, we also ask for your support in the following ways: 


  1. Since Redwood City School District has closed many after school activities, we ask PCC SACC parents to keep us especially informed of when your camper(s) don’t need to be picked up, or if this closure has changed your camper(s) regular pick-up schedule. You can email us that information

  2. Please send your camper(s) with a water bottle since the drinking fountains will be shut down. Campers still have access to water at After School Camp, but it will be easier and healthier if they have their own water bottles. 

  3. Please inform Megan Carrion (PCC SACC’s site director), or Victor Hernandez (PCC SACC’s executive director) if anyone in your immediate family is diagnosed with COVID-19. For confidentiality, we don’t need to know who, but simply that an immediate family member contracted COVID-19.

  4. Any campers that changed from 4-days a week to 5-days a week due to after school activity cancelations will have the fees waived for March, however, 5-day a week charges will be applied in April to these campers.

Causes Of A Temporary Closure

After School Camp would be canceled for one of the following reasons:


  1. If A staff member (including PCC campus staff), SACC/Preschool or Children’s Ministry camper tests positive for COVID-19 or comes in close contact with someone known to have tested positive for COVID-19*.

  2. If Redwood City School District closes all its schools due to COVID-19.

  3. If a school that we serve closes due to COVID-19**

  4. If San Mateo County Health Department recommends closure of community facilities in our area. 

  5. If After School Camp runs out of hand sanitizer or disinfectant spray/wipes.


*Using the Redwood City District’s Contact Protocol PCC SACC would closed for a Positive COVID-19 Diagnosis (“CASE”) or a Primary Contact (“CONTACT”), but not necessarily a Secondary or Tertiary Contact (“CONTACTS OF CONTACT”)

**We serve the following schools: John Gill, Roy Cloud, North Star, and Adelante

During A Temporary Closure

PCC SACC staff would inform parents of a cancelation as soon as possible. If the decision is made to cancel After School Camp, an email would immediately go out to all After School Camp families informing them of the cancelation. Any cancelation would also appear on our website. If it is a last-minute cancelation, After School Camp will work with schools and parents to ensure the safety and pick up of After School Camp children. 


After a cancellation due to COVID-19 PCC SACC would be closed for a minimum of 5 days. This temporary closure might be extended depending on the extent of deep cleaning needed and/or recommendations given by the San Mateo Health Department. PCC SACC staff would keep families informed of these developments as they unfold through email and on our website.


The exception to a 5-day closure would be if a particular school that we serve closes and after investigating, PCC SACC finds minimal risk to our campers.

Preventative Measures Before Programming

PCC SACC office staff will remain in communication with San Mateo County Health Department and Redwood City School District to remain informed of any updates or information that would require a PCC SACC temporary closure.


Before campers join us at PCC, the office checks the San Mateo County Health Department for updates concerning COVID-19 and pertinent areas are disinfected, particularly where snack preparation occurs.


We will also be shutting off drinking fountains prior to programming to help prevent spreading germs (Campers will have access to drinking water through other means).

Preventative Measures During Programming

When campers are at After School Camp, PCC SACC staff disinfects high contact areas during transitions. Practically, this looks like every time campers and counselors transition from one area to another, disinfecting seatbelts, door handles, light switches, tables, etc. In addition to before snack, campers are also washing their hands or using hand sanitizer when they are first signed-in, when they enter their classroom, and after snack. Hand sanitizer is available at all sign-in and sign-out areas. Since this is a high contact area we are working with our licensor to find ways to reduce contact during sign-out while still practicing safe procedures.


*It is important to note that campers won’t be using or touching the disinfectant to keep safe, healthy practices

Preventative Measures After Programming

After programming PCC SACC leads are debriefing with staff on ways to improve these procedures.


Also each night PCC’s janitorial team thoroughly cleans each classroom by following the CDC’s guidelines for cleaning community facilities.

Preventative Measures- Canceling Nonessentials 

This sadly means that we’re postponing the PCC SACC Onward Family Event. This will be rescheduled for the end of the school year and will keep you informed of any updates.

Additionally, Bible Time programming will be modified to limit the amount of time a majority of campers are together in an enclosed setting.

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