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PCC SACC Families,

This page contains all the programming modifications for Swim & Gym. Please look over the changes, so you and your camper

can come prepared to camp! Also please remember that there may be further modifications. Any additional modifications will

be added to this page and emailed to all registered families.


Thank you for working with us as we all start this unique summer together!

Group Sizes

This summer our groups are smaller. Instead of the normal 12 campers, there will only be 10 campers per group.

 If you would like to cancel a week(s) we respectfully request that you cancel sooner rather than later, so we can offer spots to other campers.


PCC SACC will provide full refunds for cancellations as long as the cancellations are made at least two week in advance.

This refund will includes the registration deposit and any prepaid weeks.

Bible Time

Bible Time will be different, but we are working to keep the fun, learning, and meaningful moments that Bible Time provides! Our goal is to provide campers with fun and safe opportunities to learn about God's love for them.


This policy may be adjusted if the gatherings of our camp size are deemed safe during the summer.

Cleaning Procedures

Stricter cleaning policies will be enforced. Groups will wash their hands before they eat or rotate to a new activity. Each group will also have their own bathroom and as much as possible we will avoid campers from different groups using the same bathrooms. Rooms and vans will be sanitized between uses and at the end of each day.


This summer, during Opening (8 am to 9 am) families will sign-in their kids one at a time at a designated Parent Check-In Station, which is in a conned off section of the parking lot. The Health and Safety Officer welcomes our families to camp, takes the camper(s) temperature, then asks a few health check questions to the accompanying adult.


If a camper needs to put sunscreen on, there will be a separate area for the adult to help their camper apply sunscreen. Then the pair may move on to the next staff member. At this time the adult signs in their camper. We recommend that adults bring their own pens, however, we will have disinfected pens and hand sanitizer available at sign-in. From there the campers will go to their rooms.

We're asking families leave 5 extra minutes for this process.

Snack/Serving Food

Our snacks will be individually packaged or self-contained snacks, while still keeping our normal healthy food standards. For example, a snack might be a bag of pita chips, an individual container of hummus, and a banana.


On Epic Thursdays PCC SACC will be providing a fun pizza lunch!

Health and Safety Officer

To create the safest summer possible, we added a new position called Health and Safety Officer. This person’s sole responsibility is enforcing, and assisting with all the additional health and safety measures we’re implementing for summer. Our Safety Officer will also run sign-in health checks.

From 9 to 5 & Closing

If a camper(s) are dropped off after 9 am or picked up before 5 pm, please go to the green bench outside the office. A staff member will bring the sign-in sheet to the adult(s) and camper(s).

For Closing (5 pm to 6 pm), there will again be a designated Parent Check-In Station in the parking lot with a pedestrian area and a lane for cars. A staff member will bring the sign-out sheet to the car and radio for the camper(s). The camper(s) will come to the pick-up area and meet the adult picking up at the car.

Choice Time

Normally campers sign up for 1 activity for the whole week and they are not with their group. This summer the campers will stay in their groups and try a new choice time activity each day. Swim & Gym staff will sanitize any reusable supplies between uses. If the COVID-19 situation changes, it is possible we will revert to a more traditional choice time.

Water Fountains

Water fountains will be unavailable during the summer, so we ask that every camper brings a water bottle.


While water fountains may be turned off, campers will always have access to water. 

Field Trips Cancelation

PCC SACC is canceling field trips for this summer. Due to COVID-19 at this time we feel that we cannot safely offer field trips to campers.

Instead we're excited to announce THURSDAY FUN DAYS!

These days will be filled with fun things for our campers to do! We'll have wheels, and other activities. We'll also have not 1 or 2 or 3, but 4 inflatable games!

We'll have an inverted dunk tank (water falls on the dunkee's head), a double slip n' slide (campers can race their friends), a water slide, and water tag.

On Epic Thursdays PCC SACC will be providing a fun pizza lunch!

We're planning for lots of fun and excitement!


We are sad to announce that there will not be any swimming this summer. Due to COVID-19 Sequoia and PCC Community Cente, both have limited operations planned for a portion of the summer and can not accommodate us at their pools.   As a result, we don’t currently have a pool space that meets the safety requirements of our camp.


However, we will have water games several days a week.