Leaders In Training

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Open from 8 am to 6 pm M - F

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What are LITs?

We know that your Middle School student needs something special to keep them moving and having fun all summer long. Our LIT program is designed to be engaging for all campers going into 7th, 8th, or 9th grade. Leaders in Training is a week filled with opportunities for Middle Schoolers to discover, lead, and go! The LITs have their own counselor who spends time with them, bonding and helping them what it means for them to be a leader.

This summer there are two different opportunities for Middle School students. The first is to be a Group LIT and the other is to be a group LIT. More information about the two options can be found below.

The Difference Between Group LIT and Program LIT:


Group LIT's will be assigned to a youngers group (1st and 2nd graders) and assist each day within the youngers daily routine schedule. They will help with group time, choice time, Bible time, snack time and afternoon rotations. Thursdays they will go on the younger field trip with their assigned group. LIT's will assist with group management by leading games, reading stories, and connecting with campers. Group LIT's will go on a morning field trip on Friday with their LIT counselor to celebrate their hard work and achievements of their week at Swim and Gym.


Program LIT's will assist with the daily programming here at Swim and Gym. They will assist with setups for group time, choice time, Bible time and both indoor and outdoor rotations. Program LIT's will also attend the youngers field trip on Thursdays. They will help with field trip shirt distribution and snack setups. Program LIT's will have a special paid for lunch with their LIT counselor on Thursday to celebrate their hard work and achievements of their week at Swim and Gym.