Swim & Gym 2021 And COVID-19 Modifications

We're excited to be open for another summer, and Swim & Gym is filling up fast! Even amid COVID-19, we're planning a wonderful summer! Some of the COVID-19 modifications are listed below. Our goal with adaptations is to create a safe environment for all campers to create a memorable experience!

1) Campers, staff, and all on-campus visitors are required to wear masks. (unless campers are eating or exercising)

2) Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, our pool partners still restrict their numbers, so we don't have access and won't have swim time. However, we will do our best to supply different, fun water games and activities daily.

3) Instead of field trips, we'll be doing Epic Thursdays again! We're so excited to have epic, fun days on campus again. This year we'll also be providing a pizza lunch each Thursday!

4) Counselors will sanitize rooms throughout the day, especially between uses and the end of the day. Additionally, a professional cleaning crew will clean and re-sanitize the rooms each night. Groups will wash their hands before they eat or rotate to a new activity. Each group will also have a bathroom, and as much as possible, we will avoid campers from different groups using the same bathrooms.

5) Each group will have no more than ten campers. Our group ratio is below the state requirement for cohorts (which is 12 children per cohort)

6) There will be a Health and Safety Officer whose job is to ensure that the COVID-19 standards remain consistent throughout the day and summer. S/he will also be performing health and safety checks during the sign-in process.

7) Our snacks will be individually packaged or self-contained snacks while still keeping our usual healthy food standards. For example, a snack might be a bag of pita chips, an individual container of hummus, and a banana.

8) Water fountains will be unavailable during the summer, so we ask that every camper brings a water bottle. While water fountains are turned-off, campers will always have access to water.

9) Choice times will look a little different. Typically campers sign up for one activity for the whole week, separate from their group. Instead, the campers will stay in their groups and try a new choice time activity each day. Swim & Gym staff will sanitize any reusable supplies between uses. If the COVID-19 situation changes, we may revert to a more traditional choice time.

10) This summer, during Opening (8 am to 9 am), families will sign-in their kids one at a time at a designated Parent Check-In Station, which is in a conned-off section of the parking lot. The Health and Safety Officer welcomes our families to camp, takes the camper(s) temperature, then asks a few health check questions to the accompanying adult. We're asking families to leave five extra minutes for this process.

Head on over to our Swim & Gym page to find out more or register now!

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