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Swim & Gym 2021

Open from 8 am to 6 pm M - F


Swim & Gym Overview


Swim & Gym is our summer program (June- August) of 8 to 9 weeks of all-day fun and activities for kids going into 1st-6th grades. Each day at Swim & Gym will include swimming, lawn games, crafts, singing, Bible Time, and making good friends. Thursdays are field trip days where we go to various locations around the Bay Area!


We also have the Leader in Training (LIT) program for incoming 7th, 8th, and 9th graders. LITs will have opportunities to set expectations for, inspire, and motivate themselves and even others in a positive way. To help LITs achieve this goal, staff will model good group management skills and give LITs a chance to take on purposeful roles. Each LIT will have opportunities to lead an indoor and outdoor activity so that for at least part of the day they are leading a group. This may be as simple as reading a book to campers or teaching campers a game.

COVID-19 Modifications

Due to COVID-19 Swim & Gym, summer camp will look different than previous years, but PCC SACC staff are still committed to providing a fun, unforgettable summer experience for all our campers! Last summer, we were one of the few summer camps open. Throughout last summer, PCC SACC didn't have any closures or positive COVID-19 tests.


1) Rooms will be sanitized throughout the day. Then the rooms will be cleaned and sanitized each night.

2) There will be a Health and Safety Officer whose job is to ensure that the COVID-19 standards remain consistent throughout the day and summer. S/he will also be performing health and safety checks during the sign-in process.

3) Groups will be kept to 10 campers. This is below the state requirement for cohorts (which is 12 children per cohort).

4) Unfortuenty the pools Swim & Gym typically uses are still operating at a limited capacity. As a result, Swim & Gym will not have a swim time, but water games will regularly be a part of programming.

5) Instead of field trips, Swim & Gym will have Epic Thursdays! Last summer, our groups had fun with all the water games and inflatables. This summer, we will also provide a pizza lunch (we'll have a gluten-free option)!

*For a full, expansive breakdown of all our COVID-19 modifications, click here.

**Also, please be aware that these modifications are subject to change based on what color tier San Mateo County is in during summer. We are committed to communicating any changes to families asap.


Swim & Gym 2021 Weeks

Currently, Swim & Gym plans on running 1-week camps, but this could change if new state or county COVID-19 regulations develop. If this occurs, PCC SACC staff will communicate any change to parents through email ASAP.


Week 1: Monday, June 21- Friday, June 25                 Week 5: Monday, July 19- Friday, July 23

Week 2: Monday, June 28 - Thursday, July 1                Week 6: Monday, July 26- Friday, July 30

Week 3: Monday, July 5- Friday, July 9                       Week 7: Monday, August 2- Friday, August 6

Week 1: Monday, July 12- Friday, July 16                    Week 8: Monday, August 9- Friday, August 13

Programming: What Happens at Swim & Gym

* All activities are subject to change
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Group Time

Each morning, all groups spend some time bonding together through games, get to know you games, art, and other fun activities. These games help counselors and campers bond as a group and offer a nice transition into a fun-filled day at camp!

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Bible Time

Every morning campers participate in Bible Time, a fun Bible-based experience where we sing and dance, watch skits, and learn about God. Our focus is teaching campers that God loves them and makes each of us with unique personalities, special talents, and our own stories!

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Choice Time

Choice Time consists of the classic fine motor, gross motor, and cognitive learning categories. Here at PCC SACC, we are making efforts to provide campers with a chance to explore beauty (creativity), abundance (entrepreneurship), and order (science) through our camp programming.

Each week Choice Times will change and bring new, fun activities for all our campers.

Afternoon Rotations

This is a time for campers to explore our campus, play tag on the playground, or get wet during water games! Every group will cycle through different activities that are active, fun, and engaging.

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Snacks & Lunch

Swim and Gym provides 2 snacks daily for campers and staff at 10:30 a.m. and around 3 p.m. depending on afternoon schedule. Each snack needs to offer a minimum of 2 food groups. To count, each food offered must have significant nutrition with a low fat or sugar content. As with lunches, ​if your child has a food allergy or is a picky eater, please pack a snack for your child as well.

Please pack a healthy lunch for your child each day, except for Epic Thursdays when we serve pizza (there will be a gluten free option) for everyone on the PCC lawn. ​ If your child has a food allergy or is a picky eater, please pack a lunch for them on Thursday as well.


Swim & Gym Daily Schedule

8 am- 9 am

9 am- 9:30 am

9:30 am- 10:30 am

10:30 am- 11:00 am

11:00 am- 12:00 pm

12:00 pm- 1:00 pm

1:00 pm- 5:00 pm

5:00 pm- 5:30 pm


Group Time

Bible Time

Snack Time

Choice Time


Rotations and Snack Time (Rotations include things like outdoor games,  water games, crafts, painting, and playground time)



L.I.T Program

We know that your Middle School student needs something special to keep them moving and having fun all summer long. Our LIT program is designed to engage all campers going into 7th, 8th, or 9th grade. Leader In Training is a week filled with Middle Schoolers' opportunities to discover, lead, and go!


Each LIT will be assigned to a group and will get opportunities to lead and help out the counselors throughout the day. Additionally, the LITs have their own counselor who spends time with them, bonding and helping them what it means for them to be a leader.

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EPIC Thursdays

We're excited to announce EPIC THURSDAY!

These days will be filled with fun things for our campers to do! We'll have wheels and other activities. We'll also have not 1 or 2 or 3, but 4 inflatable games!

We'll have an inverted dunk tank (water falls on the dunkee's head), a double slip n' slide (campers can race their friends), a water slide, and water tag.

On Epic Thursdays PCC SACC will be providing a fun pizza lunch (with a gluten free option)!

We're planning for lots of fun and excitement!


Wacky Wednesdays

Wacky Wednesday are extra-fun days! Campers and counselors are encouraged to dress up based on the theme and there will be a fun activity for groups to do in honor of the Wacky Wednesday theme day!


Week 1 (June 23): Crazy Hair Day            Week 5 (July 21): Christmas in July

Week 2 (June 30): Tie Dye Day                 Week 6 (July 28): Hawaiian Day

Week 3 (July 7): Sports Day                      Week 7 (August 5): Superhero & Supervillain Day

Week 4 (July 14): Disney Day                    Week 8 (August 11): Whimsy & Wonder Day